Number Forest 

 Mathematical educational game for children between 4-8 years of age

Can be used as school or kindergarten equipment

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We made this game with intention of letting children acquire knowledge in the funniest way as possible. This game guides children from the introduction of numbers up until they are ready for school. Parents and grandparents can also use it at home. The game is colourful, so that the first memories of numbers become fond ones. This way, mathematics won’t be such a scary subject.

     Biologically, our mathematical skills can be put into two groups. The primal function, which we were born with, differs from person to person and is the base of the secondary function. The secondary function comes into being through oral communication. This procedure is shaped by the culture, the school system and sadly, even learning (or at least the fear of failure during learning) influences this function. Don’t let the child sink this far, give him/her knowledge instead. Proper school education makes this possible as well, but it is still important to pay attention to the child, and not just let everything over to the school.

We find it important for the child to use a method that helps him/her learn math in a practical way. Placing the paper circles and the pictures in the right places will deepen the understanding.

The complex exercises in this board game are helpful for children coping with mathematics, for children suffering from dyscalculia because seeing, touching and hearing constantly occurs during the game. To practice writing the numbers is also a part of the game. These four things help.

We recommend this product for kindergarten teachers, teachers, and for parents and grandparents as well.

We divided the exercises into seven groups.

– Introducing the definition of numbers, the hand counting and the dot form.

– General development exercises in series and combinatory, fine motoric and speaking skills.    With help of these we can introduce such terms that shall be necessary in understanding and     independent usage of later obtained knowledge. The comprehension of outspoken text can be  developed by certain exercises, as well.                                  

– Increasing and decreasing sequences.

– Even and uneven numbers.

– Introducing order numbers.

– Addition, subtraction, ‘lesser than’ and ‘more than’ signs, substitution, breaking down numbers.

– The games that represent funny way of practicing the just-attained knowledge.

The board game helps improve the memory, communication and logical thinking. It contains 40 interactive exercises in total. This means that up to 200 different exercises can be solved, because in some cases the numbers in certain exercises can be switched, so that 10 variations are possible.

       Creative parents and instructors will be able to get even more out of the game. Let’s think about building blocks for a moment! They are still in use today, because their simplicity makes it possible to make various combinations out of them. This games is a bit like building blocks in this aspect. New exercises can come to the light during its use.

The game can be of great help especially to children with dyscalculia, because more difficult exercises can be practiced until perfection before moving on.

As we have mentioned before, oral communication plays a great part in improving mathematical skills, so at the end, one can guide his child successfully through the world of mathematics.           

Enjoy learning!

The team of Number Forest